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Knit Pro needles are a popular choice of knitting needles with knitters across the world. The range includes straight interchangeable circular needles in wood or metal as well as straight needles and double-pointed needle sets. 

Needles are available in a full range of types: Double Points, Fixed Circulars, Single Points, Crochet and an Interchangeable line that provides innovative in design and satisfaction in performance.

Knitpro Zing light metal needles are definitely increasing in popularity.  Unlike traditional metal needles, these needles are light, warm up quickly during use and are very easy to knit with.  The bright vibrant colours are an added bonus, and the beautiful silver tips provide a perfect finish every time.
Available in Single Point, Double Point, Interchangeables and Fixed Circulars
Symfonie multi-coloured wood needles are known for their ease of use and comfort. The gorgeous wood surface is perfect for ‘slippy’ yarns; the warmth is kind to hands and the needles are wonderfully flexible.  Symfonie is our most popular design the needles are made from densified laminated birch wood. This material is more costly and much harder than either ebony or rosewood. Unlike in other wooden needles, water absorption in Symfonie wood needles is negligible and, as a result, there is no chance of warping. 

Karbonz combines the premium quality of carbon fiber with electroplated brass tips.  Carbon fiber is ideal for knitting needles as it has a high tensile strength, is light weight and comes with a surface that offers excellent control over the stitches. 

Basix Birch needles are made from lightweight but strong birch wood. The natural birch colour makes them as easy on the eye as they are on the hand - especially when working with today’s thick and chunky yarns.

Nova Metal These metal needles are made from hollow brass pipes which have been electroplated. This provides a smooth and satiny surface that allows stitches to move freely and quickly. These needles are light in weight, durable and comfortable to the hand.


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